Technical Overview/Help

    How And What 's Delivered

    Six shows are delivered each week. The 5 weekday shows and a weekend 'reheated' show which features the best of the weekday shows. The shows are delivered via FTP. Content feeds are pulled by stations at 5pm and 7:30pm pacific time the day prior to broadcast Sunday ~ Thursday with positive verifications delivered to a nominated email address so you know the show is ready to roll. The show is also available for emergency manual download if needed.

    The amount of show content varies by affiliation level but 'local where it counts' affiliates get options that include local client adlib commercials, interviews for major events or a local contest segment.

    Non localization affiliates get 16 files each week day. 12 content segments and 4 teases. You choose how may hours to run the show over because you place the content. The weekend 'reheated' show is 12 segments.

    We also have available for all affiliates artist intros which you can elect to place. If you use Linker its a snap to make intros work automatically. The telescoped hour on the affiliates page  is a 100% automated show with full 'local where it counts' customization.


    The break structure is as simple as A,B,C. You would schedule as follows:

    a)Cliff and Sharon custom station id/positioner

    b)Cliff and Sharon content segment

    c)Station show imaging out to break or into music.

    You also have the flexibility to sponsor benchmark feature within the show with a slight variation to the break structure:

    a)Cliff and Sharon custom station id/positioner

    b)Sponsor opening client billboard

    c)Cliff and Sharon content segment

    d)Closing  client billboard

    Sponsorable features include '$1,000  Minute', 'Tough Love with Siri' (depending on market availability)and 'Star Watch' *format sympathetic' celebrity news.

    Got questions? Ok...we're ready to answer 'em...just shoot them to us below and we'll holla back at ya.