Parker trial continues with interrogation videos

    Jurors saw videos taken after Taylor Parker’s arrest in the ongoing murder trial in New Boston.

    Prosecutors pointed to disparities in the stories told by Parker during her interrogations, including long hesitations after questions asked by a Texas Ranger. 

    During one video, Parker was asked if she had ever been diagnosed with a mental illness after which she claimed to suffer from depression after a stroke in 2015.  However, there was no medical record of Parker ever having had a stroke. 

    In one interview, Parker alleged that she and Hancock had argued, then fought, with Hancock having pulled a knife on her.  No knife was found at the crime scene.  She also would allege that Hancock begged Parker to take out the baby and even helped cut open her own abdomen.  Parker said she used a scalpel to cut Hancock open, then laid the blade down.  When confronted with the blade having been found in Hancock’s neck, Parker denied having stabbed her there.  When asked if someone else might have, Parker affirmed that she had acted alone. 

    She also alleged that Braxlynn wasn’t breathing even after being told that the baby was stable at the Idabel hospital.  On the interrogation video, Parker also denied setting Wade Griffin’s house on fire and calling in a bomb threat to Titus Regional Medical center.

    Jurors also heard from Hancock’s OB/GYN, who testified that Hancock was eight months pregnant with no complications and no fetal abnormalities.  He further testified that he was surprised the baby had been removed without injury by an untrained person.

    Finally, a forensic scientist from DPS Garland took the stand.  She testified that blood taken from the crime scene, Parker’s car, and on Parker’s person mainly belonged to Hancock, with a small amount belonging to Braxlynn.  None of the blood belonged to Parker.

    Parker and Griffin’s mothers are expected to testify before prosecution wraps up its case.


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