Woman Runs SEVEN Marathons on all Seven Continents, in Seven Days!

    A 47-year-old woman from D.C. named BethAnn Telford was diagnosed with brain cancer back in 2005, and she's still fighting it. She's had a bunch of surgeries, and still has cancer cells in her body.  So she's not in remission.  But she's also not letting that stop her. She started running marathons about three years before she was diagnosed, and still does them.  And starting next week, she's going to run SEVEN of them on all seven continents, in seven DAYS. The first marathon is in Antarctica next Monday.  Then she'll run six more in Chile, Miami, Spain, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. She's not expecting to win any of them, but that's not why she's doing it.  She's trying to raise money for pediatric cancer research. She's raised about $835,000 since 2005, and this might put her over the $1 million mark.  She still needs more donations to make that happen though. If you want to help, just search for her name, "BethAnn Telford", on the website PledgeIt.org. 

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