Nativity Scene with the Three Wise Men standing around a sausage roll

    The Brits love their sausage rolls, but when they’re standing in for the baby Jesus? Not so much. British bakery chain Greggs learned this the hard way when they ran an ad showing a nativity scene with the three wise men standing around a sausage roll - with a bite taken out of it - instead of Jesus.

    The ad caused outrage and Greggs has since apologized for the faux pas. “We’re really sorry to have caused any offense,” they say. “This was never our intention.”

    Those who were offended expressed it on social media, some even called for a boycott of the store. But others found the humor in the ad, with a few pointing out what happens when you try to say “Jesus” backwards - try it and you’ll see. And other people - some Christians who love Jesus - think we need to save our outrage for all the hate and injustice in the world and relax about the sausage roll.