How To Undress Correctly 1950's Style!

    Not many of us think about how we get undressed these days, usually just ripping off our clothes and throwing them in the laundry bin. But in the 50s, taking off one’s undergarments for a man was a totally different story. Believe it or not, an educational video from that era is currently going viral showing women exactly how they should undress in order to please their mates, and to say it’s pretty sexist is an understatement, but again, remember the era.

    The video starts off under the impression it’s trying to show women how to disrobe without showing anything revealing, in order to protect a gal from peeping toms, which is odd in and of itself. It goes on to show one gal strategically disrobing with style and grace, with another haphazardly stripping off her clothes and just crashing into bed, getting a thumbs down from the narrator. 

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